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Re: (ITS#5342) DN and naming attribute mismatch

Backend is hdb. The add was done under 2.3.37, the server has since been 
upgraded to 2.3.40 (last Thursday).

db_dump -p does show a high character...


which I suppose you're theorizing is off-by-one on the disk. BTW, slapcat 
doesn't agree with ldapsearch here, which might be construed as a bug? 
(Although it's tough to call something a bug in an impossible situation, I 

I dunno. I suppose if the hardware is bad then I might be seeing all sorts 
of crazy stuff. But we're talking modern sparc/solaris hardware: all my 
other boxes are pretty good about screaming during their death. And they 
also don't have the amazingly-coincidental upgrade to 2.3.40 from last 
Thursday, either. (Which I started seeing err=80 returns within 24 hours 
of, after not seeing them...well, almost ever in production.) It's all 
just a bit too perfect a storm for my taste...but I'd obviously defer to 
you when it comes to bdb internals.

With that in mind, I might as well see through your theory. I'll play with 
a second box tomorrow and see if I can reproduce fresh.