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Re: Crashing database

Carlos Parada wrote:

> I'm using the openldap 2.3.34 version (I've already used previous ones).

The current 2.3 release is 2.3.40; since you don't point out any
specific issue, I strongly suggest you update to the latest release, so
that we don't risk chasing something that has already been fixed.

> My usage is a bit different than the usual. I have a lot of write
> operations
> - tens per second - (adds, deletes) and also a lots of reads.

This is by no means a heavy write load.

> I use to have very often a crash in my database. I'm using the bdb
> backend.
> Sometimes it is enough to restart my server to corrupt the database (at
> least

"Crash" is rather generic.  Can you be more specific?

> to not be able to restart it). In other occasions, I corrupt my database
> using
> the slapcat command, which I know it is nor recommended, but it is also
> not
> disallowed by the application (and I think it was in previous versions).

slapcat is 100% recommended, otherwise it wouldn't be distributed at all.

> That buggy behavior should not be normal. I've already search and it
> seems it
> is a common problem using  the bdb, many times reported.

If by "bdb" you mean "back-bdb", it's the default backend, it's the
recommended one and it's considered very reliable.  The problem you
indicated is by no means typical, since most of the users do not
experience issues with it within days, months and even years of
continued service.

> My question is: what is really happening? Am I configuring wrongly the
> server,
> DBD parameters, or anything else? Or there is a systematic bug not
> solved yet ?
> How to solve it?
> Another secondary issue is the recovery. Most of the times, I'm not able
> to recover
> my database either using db_recover or slapd_db_recover. Is there any
> trick for a
> more efficient recovery.

With OpenLDAP 2.3 you shouldn't need to run any of those tools, as slapd
(and other slaptools) can detect itself when a recover is needed.  Since
you don't share your slapd and your Berkeley DB configuration, there's
very little to comment about.

As you're not pointing out any specific issue, I suggest you post your
comments to the openldap-software list, until anything indicating a
specific bug surfaces.


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