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Crashing database

Hi all,


(First of all, sorry for this “generic” thread)


I’m using the openldap 2.3.34 version (I’ve already used previous ones).

My usage is a bit different than the usual. I have a lot of write operations

- tens per second - (adds, deletes) and also a lots of reads.


I use to have very often a crash in my database. I’m using the bdb backend.

Sometimes it is enough to restart my server to corrupt the database (at least

to not be able to restart it). In other occasions, I corrupt my database using

the slapcat command, which I know it is nor recommended, but it is also not

disallowed by the application (and I think it was in previous versions).

That buggy behavior should not be normal. I’ve already search and it seems it

is a common problem using  the bdb, many times reported.


My question is: what is really happening? Am I configuring wrongly the server,

DBD parameters, or anything else? Or there is a systematic bug not solved yet ?

How to solve it?


Another secondary issue is the recovery. Most of the times, I’m not able to recover

my database either using db_recover or slapd_db_recover. Is there any trick for a

more efficient recovery.




Carlos Parada