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Re: ITS#3515 ACLs enhancements

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> This looks mostly like ACI to me, with some special inheritance rules. Is it 
> still relevant?

AFAIR that was a custom ACL checking development that I found
interesting from a technical point of view but (I might be wrong) of
limited usefulness outside the scope it was developed for.  In the
meanwhile, and probably triggered by that posting, I added several ways
of customizing access checking: via overlays, using dynacl (that was
added earlier, for the purpose of isolating ACIs, but it could have
served the same purpose).  In this sense, I don't think this
contribution can be of any use right now; it coulr be turned into a
dynacl for custom use by the posters, or by anyone who find it useful.


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