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Re: ITS#4987 slapo-constraint improvement

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> In reviewing the patch, I see several small details that need to be fixed.
> E.g., you added a config keyword but re-used an existing OID for your new
> attribute. OIDs must never be re-used, and certainly you must not use two
> different attributes with the same OID.

Oh never mind, I see the confusion. You're just defining a new 2nd argument to 
the existing keyword.

> You use strlen/strncat, which are heavily discouraged in our code. (We never
> use strcat/strncat; we use strlen only when it's unavoidable.) (Some uses of
> strlen already existed in constraint.c; we just didn't get around to
> eliminating them.) In general we use bervals instead of flat strings, and
> there's almost never a reason to count string lengths at runtime.
> I got 3 rejects when applying the patch to my source tree (current HEAD).
> I think these points can all be cleaned up pretty easily. Let me know if you
> need any particular pointers.

I'm working on getting this to build now.
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