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cache? of parent failes for hdb

I have found that using hdb there is a bug that now prevents me from
moving from my old commercial X.500 database to openldap. I need to use
hdb as I move objects using rename.

I am running openldap under SLES 10. The version there is 2.3.32 but I
have compiled 2.3.38 and tried that too. Both have same bug. Also
compiled and tried openldap-2.4.5beta. Same failure there too.
I am using hdb as database.

What I do is to run a job that moves around a lot of leaf nodes to other
branches, sometimes creating new branches before moving the leaf node
there. The job moves about 7000 nodes out of 20000 when the bug occurs.

After having run this, some nodes cannot be found by searching starting
at a subtree under database suffix. I have done a simple test program to
see if the bug appears. It does two searches:
 1) Search with search base = database suffix
 2) Search with search base = a branch 2 nodes deep below database
If everything is correct, same number of objects should be found.

My tests show:
 - running test: ok
 - running job that moves nodes
 - running test: failes, many objects are missing in search
   starting at search base that is 2 nodes below database suffix.
 - stopping and starting slapd
 - running test again: ok

>From this I suspect that it is the cache of which parent node belongs to
that gets corrupted. Or can it be something else?
What more could I do to trace down the bug?
I do not know if the above information is enough for you to find what is
I have looked at the code, but it takes some time to understand it when
doing it for the first time. maybe som debugging code could be added
find the place where the bug is.