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--On Monday, November 05, 2007 2:10 PM +0100 Antonio Guirado Puerta <antonio.guirado@f-integra.org> wrote:


We are testing openldap-2.3.38 with db-4.5.20. Our tests are oriented to
measure capacity and stability of LDAP daemon.

3 clients machines perform search queries against the ldap server.  We
have used two types of clients: library NET::LDAP in perl, and C LDAP
library directly. The problem is reproduced whit both types of clients

We are observed that the ldap server crash after 24-48 hours after
working with high load (1000-2000 searches/second).  In log file there is
the following message:

connection_read(24): no connection!
connection_read(18): no connection!
connection_read(20): no connection!
connection_read(19): no connection!
connection_read(23): no connection!
connection_read(18): no connection!
connection_read(16): no connection!
connection_read(22): no connection!
connection_read(19): no connection!

That's not a crash, that says there's no connection to be read. What would actually be useful, is the last data logged by slapd before the connection_read errors. Given that I've had slapd run for months under a high read rate without any such issue, I'm guessing there something specific to your setup going on here. Unfortunately, what you've submitted here doesn't really give any data useful for determining what that is.



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