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Re: Issues with syncrepl and mirrormode

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I've backed out RID, which is now decimal again (0..999), and let sctxcsn
> be NULL when no maxcsn can be gathered.  In this case, after running
> test050 and leaving the directories in place, if I restart the two servers
> and perform an add as the first operation, the server acting as a consumer
> crashes both in refreshOnly and in refreshAndPersist modes (I plan to
> modify the test in order to trigger this case, so we can track regressions
> once it's fixed).  My question is now:
> 1) is it correct that syncprov_op_response() is set up at all for those
> modifications that come from the producer?

Obviously yes, to enable cascaded replication

> 2) If it is, should maxcsn be available?

don't know yet

> 3) If not, how should its absence be dealt with?

it should definitely be dealt with: cascaded replication incurs into
this issue; after adding cookie logging, testrun/slapd.4.log after
test019 is full of

syncprov_sendresp: cookie=rid=001,csn=

> 4) otherwise, if yes, why isn't it available?

dunno yet.


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