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Re: Issues with syncrepl and mirrormode

I've backed out RID, which is now decimal again (0..999), and let sctxcsn
be NULL when no maxcsn can be gathered.  In this case, after running
test050 and leaving the directories in place, if I restart the two servers
and perform an add as the first operation, the server acting as a consumer
crashes both in refreshOnly and in refreshAndPersist modes (I plan to
modify the test in order to trigger this case, so we can track regressions
once it's fixed).  My question is now:

1) is it correct that syncprov_op_response() is set up at all for those
modifications that come from the producer?

2) If it is, should maxcsn be available?

3) If not, how should its absence be dealt with?

4) otherwise, if yes, why isn't it available?


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