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Re: OpenLdap ERROR: passwd: Authentication token manipulation error (ITS#5125)

--On Friday, September 07, 2007 12:54 PM +0000 ando@sys-net.it wrote:

> diabeticithink@yahoo.com wrote:
>> Thank you for the help. I cannot upgrade to a later version of OpenLdap
>> because RHEL 4.0 doesn't support it. Bummer, eh?
> Well, there is nothing the OpenLDAP project can do for you, then, other
> than providing more than 3 years of development since 2.2.13 (it was
> released June 2004), that RedHat in the first place, but basically you
> seem to be willing to ignore (it's just one click away: untar,
> configure, make, make install).
> Or, you should ask RedHat to either upgrade OpenLDAP in RHEL 4.0, or fix
> your specific bug, if any (I still suspect a misconfiguration, possibly
> unrelated to OpenLDAP software itself, given that OpenLDAP software does
> not generate that specific message).  As distributors, they are
> responsible for providing you up-to-date software when available (how
> responsive they are might depend on the type of maintenance contract you
> have with them).

Just to note, this has been discussed many times on the software list. 
RedHat's packages should only be viewed as providing access to the LDAP 
client API, and *not* as packages to be used for running a production LDAP 
service.  They are not maintained to the level necessary for production 

I'd strongly advise using the resources already made available elsewhere 
for running OpenLDAP as a production service.  For example, Symas Corp. 
(employer of Howard Chu, OpenLDAP's Chief Architect) provides free 
pre-compiled and tested packages of OpenLDAP at <http://www.symas.com>, and 
Buchan Milne, who is heavily involved with the OpenLDAP project also 
provides pre-compiled packages of OpenLDAP at 
<http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/>.  You are best off utilizing either 
of these resources if you want to run OpenLDAP as a production service on 
your systems.



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