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Re: OpenLdap ERROR: passwd: Authentication token manipulation error (ITS#5125)

diabeticithink@yahoo.com wrote:
> Thank you for the help. I cannot upgrade to a later version of OpenLdap
> because RHEL 4.0 doesn't support it. Bummer, eh? 

Well, there is nothing the OpenLDAP project can do for you, then, other 
than providing more than 3 years of development since 2.2.13 (it was 
released June 2004), that RedHat in the first place, but basically you 
seem to be willing to ignore (it's just one click away: untar, 
configure, make, make install).

Or, you should ask RedHat to either upgrade OpenLDAP in RHEL 4.0, or fix 
your specific bug, if any (I still suspect a misconfiguration, possibly 
unrelated to OpenLDAP software itself, given that OpenLDAP software does 
not generate that specific message).  As distributors, they are 
responsible for providing you up-to-date software when available (how 
responsive they are might depend on the type of maintenance contract you 
have with them).


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