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Re: Does libldap.so.2 still exist in the latest version of open-ldap,and if not, what could other applications link to instead?

<quote who="Oliver de Peyer">
> Well, put it this way, it's not a bug with OpenLDAP but it
> is a bug with PINE. This seemed like the most appropriate
> list to post to though since maybe an OpenLDAP user could
> suggest a workaround.

Ok, but we don't provide support for 3rd Party software integration with
OpenLDAP and refer users to the appropriate mailing lists.

> Most people would be used to installing Linux applications
> just using .rpms and will be flummoxed by dependency
> problems, especially if they are home users. The problem is
> that PINE needs a library, libldap.so.2, that the more
> recent versions of OpenLDAP no longer supplies. If there is
> any easy workaround that the OpenLDAP community can suggest
> as a workaround, then PINE users would be very grateful.

The work around would be to get upstream to update there lib dependancies.

> But to be absolutely clear, yes, it's definitely PINE's bug
> not OpenLDAP's!

Of course! ;-) But please, seek help on their lists, there's nothing more
we can do to help, as it's not a bug with our software.

> In answer to your second suggestion, yes, if you know what
> you're doing it is quite easily to compile from the PINE
> source and omit OpenLDAP - you can put NOLDAP as a suffix
> on the relevant build command. That's what I did in the
> end.


> This doesn't help people who are used to just using .rpms
> though and it doesn't help people who actually want to use
> OpenLDAP with PINE.

Well, we distribute in source, so we don't provide RPMs. RPMs are supplied
for convience by distros, as you know.

> I would have posted this to PINE lists as you suggest, but
> as far as I could make out they don't have email lists per
> se but only newsgroups. And one of the things I wanted to
> use PINE was to post to newsgroups... but I couldn't get
> PINE to work...

All things are pointing towards not using PINE then ;-)

> I'll post to their newsgroup from my PC at work, but in the
> meantime, if anybody on this list has any ideas about
> solving this problem from and OpenLDAP perspective, then
> I'd be very grateful.

They look pretty active to me: