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Does libldap.so.2 still exist in the latest version of open-ldap, and if not, what could other applications link to instead?

I am trying to install PINE on Fedora 7 (and hey, why not? It's good enough as a command line email program)

So, I get hold of Pine-4.64-1-i386.rpm from the UW website. But when I try to install this with rpm, it told me I was missing various dependencies. I managed to download these one by one until I got to one called libldap.so.2.
I got as far as working out that this is part of open-ldap.

open-ldap.2.3.38 was the latest version I could find and it installed fine - I know it installed OK because the test scripts etc. run OK.

But, libldap.so.2 is NOT THERE!!
For instance, from the /../ directory,
find -name libldap.so.2 -print
doesn't find anything (but
find -name *so.2 -print
does, so there definitely are similarly named files around)

I searched for libldap.so.2 in the open-ldap archives and all references to it were a few years ago. It seemed quite possible to me that libldap.so.2 has perhaps been renamed as something else in recent versions of open-ldap. Plenty of other libraries were created when I installed open-ldap.2.3.38, just not one with the exact name libldap.so.2. Is this some finickity requirement of PINE?

I have got Apt installed but I don't really know how to use it - can I go look for something as specific as a .so.2 library file?

So, what would people suggest? Can I get hold of this file for PINE or persuade it to use something else? (and if so, what and how?)

Out of interest, why is PINE interested in libldap.so.2 in the first place and what does it do?

Thanks in advance,