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Re: (ITS#5104) OpenLDAP build breaks with SSL

Richard Beckett wrote:
> Pierangelo, I really need help. My neck is on the block with this one.
> It is preventing me from accessing Active directory since that requires

1) Your issue is seems not to be an issue, since it seems to work for
anyone else, including myself.  If I can't reproduce, I can't fix it.
2) I don't have time.
3) If I had time, I'd spend it working for the community, not for a
single (unless well paid), but you keep posting only to me.
4) The fact I initially answered your request doesn't mean you gained a
perpetual support ticket until your issue is solved.
5) If you post to the ITS there are chances someone else, either with
the same problem, or with better understanding of the issue can help.

I consider my participation to this ITS closed.


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