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Re: (ITS#5102) back-perl build issues

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

>> ConfigReply is declared in slapd/config.h; could it be another,
>> system-related config.h is present in an earlier include path?
>> Even though, I see in the above cc command-line -I .. is present...
> Personally, I think have -I., -I.., etc. is really bad.  This causes
>     #include "config.h"
> and
>     #include <config.h>
> to be equivalent.  However, there could be both a local config.h and a
> config.h somewhere in the system include directory.
> I would be better if slapd/config.h was included here by:
>     #include "../config.h"
> and -I.. not be added to the include path.  It possible -I.. is causing
> a system header to be eclipsed by the local header.

-I.. is needed to include slap.h, proto-slap.h, ...

I'd rather rename config.h, which is quite generic, into slapconf.h or so.


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