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Re: (ITS#5022) ldappasswd crash consumer slapd with some loglevels

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> gao@schrodinger.com wrote:
>> slapd: result.c:364: send_ldap_response: Assertion `rs->sr_err != 0x0a'
>> failed.
> __Could__ be the same as ITS#4964, which was fixed in OpenLDAP 2.3.36
> just released, apart from depending on the log level, which I definitely
> consider odd.
> Can you check if the problem persists with the latest release?
OpenLDAP-2.3.36 fixed the problem. Now at loglevel 0, 512, 256, slapd no
longer crashes.  You can go ahead close 5022 and 5023.

Should I also update provider to 2.3.36?