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Re: (ITS#5022) ldappasswd crash consumer slapd with some loglevels

Simon Gao wrote:

> OpenLDAP-2.3.36 fixed the problem. Now at loglevel 0, 512, 256, slapd no
> longer crashes.  You can go ahead close 5022 and 5023.

OK.  Then I think the different behavior at different loglevel was
actually a side effect of something related to ITS#4964.

> Should I also update provider to 2.3.36?

AFAIK, no.  Please make sure that the password change, besides
succeeding, is correctly replicated.  While fixing ITS#4964, a companion
bug in the provider was discovered, but it appeared to be related to
code development that's not in the 2.3 release (ITS#4973).

Cheers, p.

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