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Re: (ITS#4845) Back-perl is non working

kiwi@oav.net wrote:
>> No surprise that such a careful redesign resulted, as a side  
>> effect, in a stricter compliance with RFC2589.  The fact that  
>> nobody complained up to now indicates that strict adherence to  
>> specs usually helps in code portability.
> Yeah. But I didn't know that RFC2589 is used inside back_<whatever>.  
> Now I am aware of that and I really thanks about your help and your  
> kindness to take some time to find where my error was.

I think he meant RFC2849, which is the LDIF specification.

> Maybe a little not in slapd-perl man page that entry sent to openldap  
> have to conform to RFC2589 should be a point to avoid such loss of time.

The slapd-perl(5) man page says that it expects LDIF entries to be 
returned. As such, it is already a given that they must actually conform 
to the LDIF spec.

> Thanks again, and this bug is closed for me.

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