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Re: Potential bug (schema or ldap add?)

I thank you for your answers!

I'll check again, as you say, once the schema is allowed to be modified at
run-time, and won't open up a trouble ticket for the moment (unless you
some developer would like it for their records).

>From what I understand, the equality rule does affect how the information
is stored and so this is more a question of "what I should NOT be doing"

Thank you very much,
Andrew Seguin

ps: about the modified schema: I agree in general, however this is for an
internal testlab (where we are not testing LDAP ;) ), and I want the
ability to allow our testers (who have little to no knowledge of LDAP) to
easily modify their parameters, which happens when the equality rule is in

> Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> Modifying the schema definition of an attribute which exists in your
>> directory is definitely a bad idea.  I didn't know that you can crash
>> slapd by merely adding an EQUALITY rule, but it doesn't surprise me
>> either.  The safe way is to slapcat the database before the schema
>> change and slapadd it back afterwards.
> If an EQUALITY rule is added to an attribute that is already present in
> the database, slapd assumes it knows how to normalize its values and, in
> some places it may expect that the normalized values be already present
> in the database.  Maybe this crash needs to be investigated as soon as
> the possibility to modify the schema run-time is released.
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