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Re: ITS#4656 OpenLDAP accesslog overlay using "changelog dialect"

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have not been paying attention to these changes since Ando was working 
> on them. You'll have to ask him for their update status.

Sorry for overlooking yur previous message.  Yes, I'm keeping that patch
sort of updated, but keeping it in sync with HEAD was a pain due to the
many changes that occurred in that code.  I'm not sure it's ready for
commit right now, and I'm not sure it works as intended, given the lack
of specs (every implementor seem to have their own idea of haw that's
supposed to work, and willing to interoperate, despite claims, seems to
be their last concern).  Preserving compatibility with re23 might not be
an option, and I don't think we want that stuff to go in re23 right now.

> Since you've already posted a query to the ITS, I think that would be the 
> appropriate place to continue the conversation.
> Looking over the ITS just now, I would say the tweak to register the 
> changelog overlay type is unnecessary. Nor can you fairly deprecate the 
> LogStyle parameter, since that appears to be the only way to invoke the 
> SunOne workaround.
> All in all I understand your motivations for pursuing this feature. Despite 
> my dislike for broken specs and broken code, I will not prevent this patch 
> from going in. But you should realize that wrong is wrong, and just because 
> Novell, Sun, and Oracle software is broken doesn't mean we should be broken 
> too. There are other IdM packages out there.

I'll be committing something workable soon.


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