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Re: ITS#4656 OpenLDAP accesslog overlay using "changelog dialect"

hyc@symas.com wrote:

> All in all I understand your motivations for pursuing this feature. Despite 
> my dislike for broken specs and broken code, I will not prevent this patch 
> from going in. But you should realize that wrong is wrong, and just because 
> Novell, Sun, and Oracle software is broken doesn't mean we should be broken 
> too. There are other IdM packages out there.

While this is hardly the place for commercial endorsements, I should note 
that while Neil Dunbar wrote that changelog overlay for HP's purposes, we 
(Symas) convinced HP to adopt the accesslog format instead and HP does not 
rely on the changelog any more. If you're looking for software that actually 
conforms to open specs with some degree of technical merit, you might 
consider looking there, if you can't convince your current vendors to fix 
their products.
> Rieger, Sebastian wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I submitted a patch to update the old overlay of Neil Dunbar to OpenLDAP
>> 2.3. It works for our identity management (using Novell IDM 3.01) - see
>> ITS#4685. As my patch needs cleanup to get into OpenLDAP HEAD I would like
>> to ask, wether the patch to your accesslog that offers changelog
>> functionality (ITS#4656) is likely to be committed to CVS HEAD in the near
>> future. In this case I won't maintain a separate overlay. Thanks in advance
>> for a quick reply, we really need changelog functionality as Novell, Sun and
>> Oracle seem to depend on it.

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