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Re: ITS#3707 filters

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> I've had a patch for the Filter handling sitting here half-finished for 
>> quite a while. The intent is to preserve all of the original filter data 
>> so that it can be reused directly.
> This is now in HEAD. I haven't yet caught all the cases in get_ssa or 
> get_mra that drop the info when validation fails, but otherwise it's 
> usable. Instead of using the distinct SLAPD_FILTER_COMPUTED type for 
> filter components with unknown attributes, it now ORs the 
> SLAPD_FILTER_UNDEFINED flag onto the existing filter choice. This way 
> the original filter structure can be preserved.

back-ldap's filter munging strategy still needs to be adapted to the new 
code. Probably it shouldn't use the filterstr at all.

Any filter component with an unknown attribute is now logged with a '?' 
prefix, e.g. "(foo=a*b)" becomes "(?foo=a*b)".

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