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Re: ITS#3707 filters

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> I've had a patch for the Filter handling sitting here half-finished for 
> quite a while. The intent is to preserve all of the original filter data 
> so that it can be reused directly.

This is now in HEAD. I haven't yet caught all the cases in get_ssa or 
get_mra that drop the info when validation fails, but otherwise it's 
usable. Instead of using the distinct SLAPD_FILTER_COMPUTED type for 
filter components with unknown attributes, it now ORs the 
SLAPD_FILTER_UNDEFINED flag onto the existing filter choice. This way 
the original filter structure can be preserved.

> On a related note, RFC4511 changes the behavior of presence matching on 
> unknown attributes to be Undefined now instead of FALSE. So presumably 
> we should update our code accordingly.

This is now in HEAD as well.

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