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(ITS#4778) Problem using Berkeley DB replication in OpenLDAP

Full_Name: Seuler Shi
Version: 2.3.30
OS: Fedora 5 Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Problem using BDB as backend of OpenLDAP

Software version:
Berkeley DB: 4.5.20

We want to configure the replication management in OpenLDAP's backend database.
All write requests in OpenLDAP master site will spread to OpenLDAP client site 
for we have configured the backend database replication.

We mend the source code the OpenLDAP according to the rep_mgr example provide by

Berkeley DB.

A test case is executed as follow:

step 1: start openldap server site and client site;
step 2: send write requests to the master site;
step 3: search the master site and ensure the records are inserted in backend;
database successfully;

step 4: search the client site, but not ldap entry is displayed;
step 5: kill the client site process and reboot it;
step 5: search the client site right now after it reboot;

Result: After step 5(reboot the client site), the search results from client
is same as the master site.
At step 4: If we intend to insert an entry into the openLDAP server with BDB
client configuration via ldapadd command, it will return "the entry already
exists". After the failed insert operation, if search operation is executed, one
entry will be displayed.Once a insert operation is tried, the number of entries
in the subsequent search will  increase by 1.

My question:

Why we can not search any info during the client is normally running? But once
I rebooted the client site, it worked well and could accept search requests?
How to solve this problem:)