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Re: ITS#4545 bug in libldap

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> By the way, the main problem appears to have already been fixed; 
>> slapd.3.log is now only (!) 360MB. This last patch (result.c 1.141) 
>> just cleans up two leaked requests.

>  CVS log for tests/scripts/test036-meta-concurrency

> I told it to stop searching referrals (treat it as an error ... :)

Commenting out that change had no effect, which makes sense. That change 
only affected the clients, not slapd.

I tried again with chase-referrals TRUE in the slapd.3.conf, and that 
seems to have been the difference. Without the patch, slapd.3.log is 
3.4GB. With the patch it's only 400MB and there are no leaked requests. 
Probably I had forgotten that I'd enabled chase-referrals when I 
submitted the original ITS, since they're originally disabled in this test.

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