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Re: freeing mem from ldap_parse_result

At 09:18 AM 12/6/2006, Dale Moore wrote:
>I'm trying to write exceptionally correct
>code with no memory leaks.
>I'm calling ldap_parse_result(3). And
>of course one of the parameters is
>  char ***referalsp;
>The documentation says to free the memory
>allocated to this data structure by calling 
>the routine ldap_value_free().
>But the routine ldap_value_free() is deprecated.
>My options are
>  - Compile with -DLDAP_DEPRECATED
>     = I hate to create software using deprecated API
>  - Call ber_memvfree((void **)) instead of ldap_value_free()
>  - Use a different mechanism to parse the message
>The bug I'm reporting here is 

Please use the Issue Tracking System to report bugs.

>  - a problem with the documentation or 

It's a documentation bug.  ldap_memvfree(3) should be used.

>  - in the premature deprecation of ldap_value_free or
>  - the lack of deprecation of ldap_parse_ressult()
>I'm not sure which.  Looking for advice.
>Dale Moore