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Re: ITS#3812 database config documentation

On Jeu 16 novembre 2006 12:09, hyc@symas.com wrote:
> I've committed a preliminary slapd-config.5 manpage to HEAD. In
> anticipation of deleting slurpd from RE24, I have commented out all of
> the slurpd-related keywords. Most of the text is the same as in
> slapd.conf(5) but I've changed the organization to better reflect the
> actual implementation.
> There may be options that I've missed. Please review and send patches /
> corrections / comments.

Thank you very much for this work. I've only some comments.

Even if it is shown in the Examples part, I think the use of slapd.conf
and slapd.d at the same time should be explained as it is in slapd(8).

Furthermore slapd-config(5) make references to slapd-bdb(5), slapd-ldap(5)
and others but these pages use old config style. Maybe you could add in a
first time a note to indicate that users should add olc prefix to use
these directives in cn=config branch. Of course I hope every pages will be
updated one day...

Raphael Ouazana.
PS: I'm not able to see slapd-config(5) with man.cgi on the website (even
if I use OpenLDAP 2.X-Devel). Is it normal ?