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Re: (ITS#4606) Big LDAP Search responses causes IO error in libldap on Windows XP

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Hm, on my Visual Studio6 errno.h does a
>>    #define errno *_errno()
Actually the same thing in Visual Studio 8.
In Visual Studio 7 there is an ifdef  depending on which version of C 
library is used.

>> and of course _errno() is an imported function. This problem 
>> "shouldn't happen."
> Well, it does for me using Visual Studio 8. I've added printf 
> statements inside liblber (after errno was set) and in libldap after 
> the liblber function has returned and errno was set to 0.
> Anyway, WSASetLastError() is a clean "Windows" way of achieving the 
> same result.