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Re: (ITS#4570) slapo-chain does not return an error when chasing a referral fails

> Thanks for your explanations. I will see whether I can implement and test
> the
> needed change.

(Just to keep track of my latest thoughts) I'll further note: in case
there are multiple referral URIs, and none succeeds, what result code
should one return?  the first, under the assuption that the client will
restart from the first one in the list, the "worst" (assuming one can
define an ordering of result codes), the "least offending" (see previous
note), or what?  In case the referral returns another referral, which in
turn gives an error, should we return the initial referral or the error
related to the outermost, so that the client knows that the referral chain
leads to an error?  Note that chances are the client will do better by
knowing the first referral, so that chaining in a different manner (e.g.
with a different identity) leads to a better result.  The problem is by no
means trivial in the general case.


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