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Re: slapd-search generates TIME_WAIT connections increasingly (ITS#4585)

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Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Thanks for the report.

Thanks very much for the quick reply!

>  I'll note a couple of comments: slapd-* tools in
> tests/progs/ are not intended for general use; they should not in gener=
al be
> used, nor considered examples of "good" LDAP programming: since recent =
> they were using deprecated API calls, they don't consistently take care=
> disposing resources after use, and so.  They are only intended as a rap=
id and
> efficient means to test OpenLDAP builds.


> Since you claim that the problem occurs with a third-party server and n=
ot with
> OpenLDAP's, and similar issues arise with your own clients using OpenLD=
> client library, chances are the problem is in the third-party server an=
d not in
> OpenLDAP's library.

Yes, right, but I would say whatever the third party LDAP server does
wrong, it should not result in a wrong behaviour on the client side
(i.e. in the OpenLDAP library).

> having said this, it might be worth investigating if there's anything w=
e can do
> at the client library's side to work around this issue.

This would be great.
As I said in the report, our actual problem are the CLOSE-WAITs which
are created by the OpenLDAP library while talking to the Microsoft
Active Directory server. The number of CLOSE_WAITs are steadily
increasing until no more sockets are available and then all connections
fail of course. I know that you need to be able to reproduce the problem
to be able to fix it, so I tried to reproduce the problem with the test
tools. That was the reason I used the test tools provided with the
OpenLDAP library, because I can not send our application.
Can I do anything to help in this case, maybe provide network
traces or such?
Best regards,


> p.

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