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Re: (ITS#4427) ldapsearch hangs on slapd (proxycache) with no URI

> Full_Name: Ashish Gawarikar
> Version: 2.3.20
> OS: Linux
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I have configured the slapd to be proxy cache. For proxy cache the "uri"
> is not
> mandatory, and the slapd-proxy-cache can be started without the uri
> defination
> in the slapd.conf
> Do a ldapsearch on the proxy-cache slapd server, and it will hang.
> It should either be:
> 1. Not start slapd at all
> 2. Or. return ldapsearch by either saying the ldap server is down, or not
> available and exit.

proxycache is an overlay, so it is supposed to have as little knowledge as
possible of the underlying database.  It can be used with any database,
although it mostly makes sense with back-ldap, back-meta, back-sql and so.
 The problem here is in back-ldap.  Recent evolutions of that database
required it to be allowed to start with an empty URI field, as under
special circumstances it may be generated from the request's data
(essentially in slapo-chain).  It appears that an empty URI means
"ldap://localhost/"; which may not be what you expect.  In any case, if
your proxy backend needs an URI to work correctly, you should first blame
yourself for not providing one...

Thanks for the report, p.

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