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Re: (ITS#4433) 'threads' directive odds

> I believe slapd requires at least 2 threads to operate.  If you want to
> run
> with less than 2 threads (i.e. 1), compile it without threads.

I'm supposed to know about that.  My point is that slapd happily accepts
those values, starts just fine, but is essentially irresponsive.  I'd
prefer it to either refuse to start or at least complain in the logs. 
This resulted from running a batch optimization prcedure whose ranges were
not tailored carefully enough.

> It likely should throw an error and ignore the directive if it is set to
> less than 2.

you mean: throw an error __OR__ ignore the directive.  I prefer to throw
an error, so that there is no chance of leaving incorrect statements


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