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RE: (ITS#4308) poor performance under load

>Great, the patch is now in CVS HEAD.

thanks again, having turned optimization back on (duh) I'm now seeing
performance comparable with 2.3.13.

>What is your cachesize set to by the way? You may want to play with the

>(new) cachefree setting and raise it to a larger number. (See 
>slapd-bdb(5) in CVS HEAD.)

My cachesize on each db (and bear in mind my tree consists of five db's
glued together) is 5000, right now my entire tree only contains 6500
entries so if anything my cache is on the large size.  I can certainly
see the cachefree option could be useful when my db grows (currently
growing a few hundred records a month, so I've got a way to go yet).  

Thanks again for all your help this evening.




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