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Re: (ITS#4308) poor performance under load

Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> That certainly solves the CPU hogging - thanks very much!

Great, the patch is now in CVS HEAD.
> I'm currently seeing it take about 150% of the time 2.3.13 took to run
> my tests but I think I forgot to turn optimisation back on so I need to
> double check those results.

What is your cachesize set to by the way? You may want to play with the 
(new) cachefree setting and raise it to a larger number. (See 
slapd-bdb(5) in CVS HEAD.)
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> To: Spicer, Kevin (MBLEA it)
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> Subject: Re: (ITS#4308) poor performance under load
> Try this patch and see if it behaves better.

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