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RE: (ITS#4216) slapd terminates unexpectedly

Hello Quanah,

As I mentioned earlier to Howard Chu, my slapd.conf simply contains the

backend null
database null
suffix   ""
rootdn   "cn=root"
bind     on
# Cleartext passwords, especially for the rootdn, should # be avoid.
See slappasswd(8) and slapd.conf(5) for details.
# Use of strong authentication encouraged.
rootpw    secret

So I never set a syslog level in slapd.conf.  What is that value by

Also the only options I set during the whole configure/make/make test
sequence of the code was for the configure where I set these flags:
--enable-bdb=no --enable-null=yes --enable-hdb=no ...So from this syslog
should not have been disabled at build time either.

Thanks for continuing to follow up with this issue.

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--On Thursday, December 01, 2005 6:47 PM +0000
james.macnider@bridgewatersystems.com wrote:

> The only argument passed to slapd on the command line is the -f option

> to specify the config file.  All other options were left at the 
> default values.

I'm not sure how this relates the question about whether or not you are
logging to syslog.

What is your loglevel setting in slapd.conf?  Did you explicitly disable
syslog logging if you built the code from source?


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