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RE: (ITS#4216) slapd terminates unexpectedly

--On Tuesday, November 29, 2005 1:33 PM +0000 
james.macnider@bridgewatersystems.com wrote:

> The problem may well be specific to Solaris then (I recall you said that
> your tests are running under Linux).
> My "configure" was as follows:
> configure --enable-bdb=no --enable-null=yes --enable-hdb=no
> Every other item was left as the default value.  I did capture the
> configure/make/make depend/make test output to file.  If you're
> interested in any of that just let me know and I'll send it on to you.
> I did have one question for you.  You asked me if was syslog active on
> slapd while running the tests. I'm not quite sure what you meant by
> that... syslogd is running on the box, but I don't think that's quite
> what you were getting at.
> I'll do my best to gather the other information you've requested.

Actually, we were running it on a Solaris 8 system, with 256 file 
descriptors, with only the back-null database loaded, and the ndd 
parameters you specified in your post.  I eventually ramped it up to where 
I had 100 clients connecting, and let that run for an hour, which completed 
without problem.


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