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Re: (ITS#4067) libldap should tell the caller if the server is down

Mike Patnode wrote:
> The actual problem we were trying to address was DNS being down, and
> hence you know even the UDP requests are failing.   Maybe a different
> error code?

Probably LDAP_CONNECT_ERROR would make the most sense.

The patch you submitted is unusable; it appears you're starting from 
code that is already patched. I.e., it does not correspond to any 
existing OpenLDAP 2.2 source code. Also please see the Guidelines for 

Patches you submit should be made against the latest available code 
(which usually means CVS HEAD). The latest 2.2 release at the time you 
submitted your patch was 2.2.28, and 2.2.29 is now available. Also, the 
2.2 code is in a feature freeze, so only critical bug fixes will be 
applied. Since UDP support is not considered a critical feature, I don't 
expect any work to happen here in the 2.2 tree.

My impression from reviewing the relevant parts of libldap is that 
you're patching the wrong location in the code. But you should generate 
a new patch against CVS HEAD if you want it to be considered for 
inclusion in a future release (of OpenLDAP 2.3).
> mp
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>> Subject: Re: (ITS#4067) libldap should tell the caller if the 
>> server is down
>> Your patch is for code that uses UDP, which (unlike TCP) does 
>> not provide "Server Down" indications. This patch makes no sense.

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