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Re: (ITS#4025) Ppolicy overlay: objectIdentifierMatch rule doesn't understand descriptions

On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 18:06 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
> stran@amnh.org wrote:
> > Howard,
> >
> > I just compiled the latest CVS and tried to use the description instead
> > of the numeric OIDs. Unfortuantely same result:
> >   
> Are you sure you got the latest version (ppolicy.c 1.66)? Are you sure 
> you installed it after rebuilding? It works for me.


I first compiled and installed OL 2.3.7 with ppolicy 1.66 from CVS. It
didn't work.

I then checked out CVS 2005-09-27, compiled it and installed it. Same

Today I checked out CVS (2005-09-28), compiled it and installed it. Same

When I use the numeric OID instead, it works.
Is there something else I should pay attention to? I am still using the
slapd.conf file and not the new slapd.d format.