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Re: (ITS#3993) slapd is using 99% of the cpu, hanging in sched_yield()

Raimund Sacherer wrote:
> Hello Howard!
> Thank you for your reply, i think i got it, i found out that this 
> behavior with only beeing in sched_yield() is because of a corrupted 
> database, i made a few things that i now know are not good for the 
> database, until now we have no problems so far, therefore i have not 
> investigated it further as it seems to really be a backend db problem 
> (berkely db with corrupt db's).
> Best regards and keep up the good work.

OK, I'll close this ITS then.

> Ah, btw., may you point me to some documentation on how to bring an 
> replicated ldap server on sync again? We had in the past a problem 
> with our ldap servers, changes where not propagated correctly to the 
> slave, a stale slurpd hanging around the system. What we have done was 
> to stop the slave, restart the master, copy the database via scp to 
> the slave and started the slave again, but is there not a better way 
> telling the slave to sum up with the master?

This is a question better asked on the -software mailing list.

> Thanks for Help,
> Raimund Sacherer
> On 23.09.2005, at 10:33, Howard Chu wrote:
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