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Re: (ITS#3979) glue mixtures can confuse slapadd

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> Status update:
> Fixed -
> Recursive glue and unsupported "slapadd -w" caught.
> Man pages updated.
> Still fails -
> ldbm + glue + unique.
This is now fixed in HEAD
> Yet another glue quirk -
> slapcat &co succeed on databases that do not support the tool.
> I suppose that one can best be fixed with an optional routine
> which asks the database if it supports the operation in question.
> Otherwise the tool routines would have to be moved from the backend
> to the database itself, and the glue overlay should only set them
> if one of the glued databases support the tool (or maybe only if
> the root database supports the tool).
I think I'll make the latter change - only set the tool entry points if 
the root DB supports them.

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