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Re: (ITS#4010)

Hite Lee wrote:
> I tested it. It is ok! And faster than before.
> Thanks for everyone!
> BTW, is there any idea to write a ldif file over >2G bytes? Of course, it is another problem. Is it a good idea to add some command arguments to specify the range of entry ID?
Look up how to compile with largefile support on your platform. On Linux 
this usually requires compiling with
>> lihaitao@kingsoft.com wrote:
>>> Last mail is wrong, please see this.Thank you.
>>> My server has 4G RAM. And 2.8G has been userd when out of memory.
>>> The slapd.conf is below:
>> I have committed a fix for slapcat into CVS HEAD and the REL_ENG_2_2 
>> branch. You can simply pull back-bdb/cache.c -r1.38.2.20 onto your 
>> 2.2.28 source tree for testing purposes. Note that a similar problem 
>> remains for the running slapd, and that problem is not addressed by this 
>> patch. Most likely it will not be fully fixed until later in the 2.3 
>> release.
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