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Re: (ITS#3979) glue mixtures can confuse slapadd

Perhaps it was a mistake to remove the OpenLDAP 2.2 "subordinate" config 
syntax, as that usage would have prevented this type of configuration 
from occurring. Maybe we should add the old syntax back in, and have the 
overlay automatically inserted, like some of the others do?

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> First though, should slapadd/slapcat -b "dc=uio,dc=no" open the kids
> database in this case?
>    database  bdb
>    suffix    cn=kids,cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no
>    directory /tmp/db/kids
>    # Does not support slapadd/slapcat
>    database  ldap
>    suffix    cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no
>    uri       ldap://ldap.uio.no/
>    overlay   glue
>    glue-sub  cn=kids,cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no
>    database  bdb
>    suffix    dc=uio,dc=no
>    directory /tmp/db/uio
>    overlay   glue
>    glue-sub  cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no

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