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Re: (ITS#3989) syncprov core dumps when combined with uniqueness overlay

hyc@symas.com writes:
> Quite frankly I consider it redundant and inappropriate for *any*
> overlay's documentation to mention indexing, since indexing is not a
> function of any overlay.  It is sufficient that the overlay's doc
> mentions that it functions by performing searches.

I disagree.  The overlay could be maintaining its own data structures to
optimize the searches it is interested in.  Also, a manpage is supposed
to describe how to use an overlay in practice, not just describe the
abstract operation and leave it to the reader to figure out which parts
of the manpage have significant impact in practice.  Slapd's operation
is quite complex and there is a lot to keep track of for a newcomer.

Some overlay manpages use phrases like "When using a database that
supports indexing ...".  That seems appropriate to me, unless someone
can think of a more general yet concrete wording.