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RE: (ITS#3967) Use of select in os-ip.c

That's welcome news.  Thanks very much.  Feel free to close out the
incident and we'll pick up a 2.3 version a bit later when our release
cycle permits.  I have to appologize...I glanced over the 2.3.x versions
on the download page.  Would have looked at them had I seen them.


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Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 9:16 PM
To: donald.j.lewis@ncr.com
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Subject: Re: (ITS#3967) Use of select in os-ip.c

2.3 libldap supports poll(3)...


At 04:38 PM 8/23/2005, donald.j.lewis@ncr.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Jeff Lewis
>Version: 2.2.17
>OS: Many
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>This is something to add to the wish-list for a future enhancement 
>rather than a bug report.
>The OpenLDAP client likes to use select() to wait on fds to become 
>ready for reading or writing.  In our environment, it would be better 
>if OpenLDAP could make use of poll() instead and build its pollfds up
>The reason this is important to us is we run in a server environment 
>where there can be over 5000 open files when we're under extreme load.

>Additionally, we do occasional LDAP queries that result in us typically

>using 1 fd inside the OpenLDAP client and that fd can be quite large.  
>To allocate fd_set structures (4, I think) for one very large fd is
less than optimal from our point of view.
>For us, poll would be a much better choice.
>It would be nice if OpenLDAP had a knob of some sort that would allow 
>us to use poll instead of select.  If the configure script could figure

>that out, so much the better.  Even if OpenLDAP uses select by default,

>but gives us an OPENLDAP_POLL macro or something similar that we could 
>use in a -D option on the compile commands would be hugely appreciated.
>As far as which O/S's we use, they are:
>  AIX (32 and 64 bit Power)
>  HP-UX (ia64, 32 and 64 bit PA)
>  MP-RAS (our own proprietary SRV4 variant)  Linux (Red Had for ia64, 
> x8664, i386; SuSE for x8664 and i386)  Solaris (32 and 64 bit Sparc)
>I did check the latest stable source release and it appears to still
use select.
> I'd be very happy to learn that I'm wrong about that.  :-)