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Re: (ITS#3928) Libtool relinks overlays with bad library paths during install target

I note that for this patch to be at all useful, it needs
to be against latest HEAD.   I also have doubts that
its as simple as some make this out to be.  I spent
a better part of a long weekend on this before realizing
that many of our existing macros were unusable.  Last
night, in response to Howard's recent -devel post,
tried the same basic steps you did (though I didn't
run automake and did run autoheader) and got a quite
useless configure script.   But I am quite willing to be
proven wrong!  I, too, wouldn't mind seeing an upgrade
to the latest libtool.  And the latest autoconf might
be useful as well (as they improved a number of the


At 09:46 AM 8/11/2005, bgmilne@obsidian.co.za wrote:
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>bgmilne@mandriva.org wrote:
>> Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>>>The provided patch does nothing to upgrade ltmain.sh and,
>>>>more importantly, configure.in and *.m4 files, to support
>>>>a more modern libtool version.  Hence, the patch cannot
>>>>be accepted.
>> Indeed, the rest of the fix in our package was running libtoolize --copy
>> --force (and a few others to update to a more current automake and
>> autoconf).
>>>>However, this ITS can remain open as a request to upgrade
>>>>the build environment to support a more modern libtool
>>>>version.  Unfornutely, that is not all that easy (otherwise
>>>>it would have been done long ago).
>> If the remaining issues could be listed, I will can see what I can do
>> (ie towards a working patch).
>OK, I have an initial patch (taken after removing configure and running
>'libtoolize --copy --force;aclocal-1.9;automake-1.9 -a -c -f;autoconf):
>Unfortunately another patch may have crept in, and I guess the copyright
>notices probably need to be preserved, but is this going in the right
>It at least allows me to build on RHEL3 without linking to old libs.
>I'll try and finish it up tomorrow.
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