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Re: (ITS#3910) smbk5pwd and heimdal 0.7 is coredumping

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> pfnguyen@best.com wrote:
>>  I've recently installed Heimdal 0.7 fresh along with smbk5pwd, but I
>>  cannot get smbk5pwd to load (sigsegv in slapd).  I am able to
>>  successfully init the realm and a test key into LDAP using kadmin -l.
>>  I've also run /usr/heimdal/bin/kstash to get a key stored into
>>  /var/heimdal/m-key, and the permissions are usable such that the user
>>  running slapd can read it.
> As I noted on the Heimdal list, this code was written for Heimdal 0.5. 
> We can address any patches needed for compatibility with 0.7 in this ITS.
The compatibility issue is now fixed in HEAD. As noted on the Heimdal 
mailing list, the SEGV you saw was due to your mixing Heimdal and MIT 
libraries in the same program, not due to any bug in any pertinent software.

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