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Re: (ITS#3927) --enable-backends=mod seems broken

ando@sys-net.it writes:
> Recent change to HEAD/RE23 configure possibly broke
> --enable-backends=mod:

The change was not intended.  I don't know if it's a bug or a

Previously there was no single option to configure all optional
backends as modules.  Currently there is no single option to
retain the default backends as static and add the rest as modules.

If it's a bug, the fix should be simple.  If both possibilities
are desired, I suggest a choice '--enable-backends=force-mod' to
enable the new behaviour in addition to restoring
'--enable-backends=mod's old behaviour.

In addition, --disable-backends now disables all optional
backends and --<enable/disable>-<backend> now overrides
--<enable/disable>-backends.  That was the intended change.

> --enable-backends=mod
> Making servers/slapd/backends.c
>     Add config ...
>     Add ldif ...
>     Add bdb ...
>     Add hdb ...
>     Add monitor ...
>     Add relay ...

That's the old behaviour (assuming you included --enable-modules).

> turns to "mod" the backends that are enabled by default.
> I'd expect the latter to enable all backends (that are
> successfully configured) as modules.

That's what it does now - except ldif and config are unaffected.