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Re: (ITS#3908) Assertion in ber_get_next

> You should allow core-dumps to be generated; you should run an unstripped
> slapd; when the assertion is triggered, you should save the core and the
> slapd that generated it, so that the core can be inspected while tracking
> this issue.
Its not slapd coring.  Its the user of liblber, so allowing slapd to
core would not achieve much, since its not coring.

In this case, that would be mod_ldap_userdir, which is loaded as a
shared module of apache2.  So I'm not quite sure how to go about this,
which is why I was asking if there is a specific log level that I could
run slapd at to get more beneficial information (in this case, I would
compare timestamps, and paste what slapd says was going on).

I could compile mod_ldap_userdir debug (non-stripped) all day, but I'm
not sure it would really help, since in and of itself it doesn't core,
though apache might, but thats quite an undertaking to coordinate all
three (openldap, apache and mod_ldap_userdir) to be compiled
non-stripped with coredumps enabled, and run it all that way on a
production server.

If you want to check out the code for mod_ldap_userdir, its a single .c
file, which they have online at:

Though I can't see where the user BER in there at all, so how its
triggering the assertion in liblber, I don't know.  But I also don't
know the ins and outs of ldap.

PreZ :)