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Re: (ITS#3835) Lightweight Listener Thread

> I'm not particularly interested in testing with a large number of idle 
> connections.  The solution to idle clients is the idletimeout setting in 

> slapd.conf.  I'd have to figure out how to set up a large number of idle 

> connections as well.

A simple socket program which establishes TCP connections to slapd without
sending subsequent LDAP requests will work for the experiment with a 
number of idle connections.

> I was hoping this patch was more designed at increasing throughput 
> performance.

Even though this patch only aims at responsive and resilient improvement,
I think it is an important issue as you can see in the following link.
This patch may relieve the problem posted in the link.

BTW, I'm also looking into throughput improvement. So I hope a throughput 
improvement patch
is provided soon.