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Re: (ITS#3774) olcSuffix and olcRootDN: value #0 invalid per syntax

Howard Chu wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>>  Howard Chu wrote:
>> > The problem you're seeing indicates that the core schema didn't get
>> >  loaded. Your cn=config database ought to have an entry
>> > cn={0}core,cn=schema,cn=config,
>>  Indeed this entry didn't exist but the attribute types were present
>>  in the subschema subentry! I've checked that.
> That's strange. If the subschema subentry had the definitions, then you
> should not have seen the Invalid Syntax error message. Are you sure the
> "dc" attribute was really present in the subschema?

Aaargh! The 'dc' attribute was the point. I didn't get that before.

Ciao, Michael.